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Feb 22, 2018 Thursday


By Gonesh Ch Saha




The ranks of Student Leadership and Development Committee (JKPS) of INASIS Tradewinds’ Students Leadership and Development Committee (SLDC) initiated a Team Building 2018 program in Langkawi Island started from 8 -10 February 2018. Led by SLDC President, Mr. Sadruddin Rabani, the event was participated by twenty (20) postgraduate students of INASIS Tradewinds and two (2) escort officers namely Ms. Norhafiza Abd Hadi and Ms. Sharifah Adawiyah Syed Yahya to make the program a success. The principal of Tradewinds’ Mr. Amdan Mohamed headed the event, accompanied by two (2) fellows namely Dr. Wiwied Virgiyanti and Mr. Khairone Khatidin as the representatives of the management team.


The primary highlight of this activity was to strengthen and nurture the relationship among all staffs and SLDC members as they work together in a team to organize some programs to serve the postgraduate students, especially those staying in INASIS Tradewinds. In addition, this program was expected to serve as a venue for the exploration of humanities in Malaysia where students were invited to cross the boundaries of states and of disciplines to develop two (2) vital qualities: a deep local knowledge and a broad global perspective. It also opened an opportunity to learn from one another by sharing the distinct cultures and traditions that promote internationalization and increase intercultural understanding.


The main activities involved in Team Building are Organization Talk and Almanac Presentation by SLDC members. While the outdoor these activities were aimed at several goals and objectives, such as offering students the opportunity to enhance their own leadership capabilities and also providing support and encouragement to others. Another goal aimed by Team Building activities was the development of communication skills, by which team members were expected to learn the importance of communicating ideas and experiences among the group to accomplish goals. The activities can also help them learn to ask for help and how much or how little communication there needs to be among co-workers. This was expected to help them to learn how to set clear objectives and measure performance, as a team.


SLDC President, Mr. Sadruddin Rabani was very optimistic in bridging the new team members, staffs and Tradewinds with his new team members in amplifying the postgraduate activities.   On similar note, Principal of INASIS Tradewinds, Mr. Amdan Mohamed also expressed his gratitude and big hope for the whole team members can discover how to structure their planning time to produce maximum results, as well as learn how to avoid the planning pitfalls that every leader faces.


At the end of the program, the program was seen to expose students to the realities of the lives of outside communities. Based on the observations made, the line of activity managers feel that the program has achieved the main objectives of the program. Hopefully this kind of program can be implemented more effectively next year.



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AMDAN MOHAMED (Principal, INASIS Tradewinds)

First of all, Thank God for the 3 days 2 night program was successfully implemented. I also thank all, the organizing SLC Members for their continued efforts toward making this event a success. Feedback from UUM participants is also very satisfying. I am very grateful, everything can be done successfully. My blessings and good wishes will always be with the Tradewinds. I wish the organizing committee all the very best in this endeavour.

DR. WIWIED VIRGIYANTI (Assistant Principal, INASIS Tradewinds)

This event serves as an opportunity to tighten the bond as one strong milestone through improving leadership skills. I do hope that the activity will enable students, and others to exchange ideas and suggest measures for meeting the evolving challenges. I wish the organizers the very best in this and all their other endeavours. Overall it was a wonderful event.

SADRUDDIN RABANI (Program Director, Ph.D student from Malaysia)

It is a matter of great satisfaction in implementing this program and hoping that such a program will continue in the future. The involvement of international students has also brought the program to work as a team. May God give strength to continue to see this whole flourishing event?


LUBNA AKRAM (Ph.D student from Pakistan)

I am extremely glad and feel proud to be UUM students. I’m happy to joint this program. I’m really enjoyed and this program gives me a lot of lesson. I’m enjoyed and hopefully I can join again.


IKBAR PRATAMA (Ph.D student from Indonesia)

I am so much happy to join this event. I am sure that it will continue to maintain its excellence and character with great distinction. I can visualize sure this program will be a milestone in future. I wish all the best.


GONESH CHANDRA SAHA (Ph.D student from Bangladesh)


I am immensely happy to be a part of the event. I had a great time. It is always a proud moment in my University life at UUM. What I enjoyed most was the SLC Presentation. It was great. I’m enjoyed and happy to join again. I learn much lesson from the beginning until the end of activities. 



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